To complement the harmonious living conditions on offer at Omeya, the Omeya Village with its charming pedestrian walkways will form the social hub of the Omeya community.

With its unique array of intimate office space, recreation facilities and shops such as a wine bar, butchery, theatre and bakery, residents may look forward to interact in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. The hotel and conference centre will cater for weddings, private devotions and functions. The ambiance will be enhanced by fountains, water-features, perennials, green spaces between the apartments, retail and office spaces.

Visitors and residents may look forward to examining the craft and book shops while savouring the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, wholesome home made cakes and breads, specialist cheeses and authentic German salamis and sausages. Enhance your living experience by renting and managing your business enterprise from one of the lovely office and retail spaces available in the Omeya village.