The Greens Care Centre

The Greens Care Centre consists of 38 assisted living units and 8 frail care rooms, doctors rooms, pharmacy, a restaurant, recreation room, library, indoor swimming pool, sauna and a bowling green with clubhouse.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is for those who need access to housekeeping, nursing care and caretakers.

    The nursing care at The Greens Care Centre consists of:
  • the management of medication,
  • health checks,
  • monitoring and
  • reporting amongst other things.

Trained caretakers help nurses with day-to-day tasks which includes bathing and dressing, mobility and personal care.

Assisted living is suited for those who are experiencing the physical changes associated with aging, for example hearing loss, vision impairment, mobility challenges, cognitive changes or due to conditions caused by arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart problems, hip replacements, musculoskeletal disorders, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, etc.

Frail Care

The frail care unit offers services for residents who are in need of daily assistance with activities such as eating, personal hygiene and moving about with support. A resident’s health is constantly monitored and changes in condition can be responded to quickly and professionally.

Unit Type A

The Greens Care Centre unit a

Unit Type B

The Greens Care Centre unit b