About Namibia

With a sophisticated infrastructure and a well developed economy, Namibia offers a wealth of business and property investment opportunities.

The present return rate on investment in Africa is more than 30%, making the continent the fastest growing region in the developing world. Not only does Namibia enjoy one of Africa’s most peaceful and politically stable environments, but also has the infrastructure to rival those of many developed countries. What makes it more attractive is it’s natural and diverse landscapes, moderate temperature and the fact that it is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, with an estimate population of 2,2 million people.

The country has an abundance of natural resources. The economy centres on agriculture (crops, stock farming and hunting), fishing and mining, which is Namibia’s most important earner of foreign exchange. The rich fishing oceans place the country among the top ten nations in the international fishing industry while the mining and natural resources include, amongst others, world class diamonds and uranium, copper, lead, zinc, gold, semi-precious stones, industrial minerals, salt and fluorspar.

With Namibia being one of the most beautiful and safest countries in Africa to visit, tourism is also a rapidly growing sector, and is becoming a major earner of foreign exchange while creating jobs and generating income for the nation.

No wonder that so many foreigners fall in love with Namibia after their first visit to the country and then want to know how to invest in Namibia and obtain Foreign Investment Status. Indeed Namibia does offer excellent opportunities for investment across all these and other sectors. Most of the country’s primary resources are exported, while almost all consumer goods are imported. Thus there is particular scope and advantages for investment in manufacturing for both local and international markets. These benefits are complemented by an advantageous legislative and fiscal environment and a government keen to foster the engines of economic growth and prosperity.

Few restrictions are being placed on the acquisition of landownership by foreigners. As long as a foreigner did not enter Namibia illegally, and his/her permit does not prohibit the acquisition of immovable property, he/she may certainly buy, own and sell real estate in Namibia.

about namibia
about namibia